Where are your prints made?

In the US, we use a few differnt labs ,depending on the image size, and paper finish. 

Why don't I see the size I want in the print I want?

We try to offer different sizes, however, due to the printing process and camera size (film vs. digital) some prints are not avaible in all

sizes. Polaroids are always square. If yoy see a print you like, get in touch with us, I'd be happy to 

customize something for you.

What if my prints arrive damaged? 

We will do our best to replace the print, should you find the USPS 

has damaged your photograph. 

How long does it take for a framed print to arrive?

We work closely with Framebridge and have never had any issues 

with shipping, however, to be on the safe side we say 2-3 weeks for delivery.